Aegi Transforms Children’s Dishware

As parents, we want to provide our children with the best. We also want to protect the earth for our children's futures. Finally, we want children’s products that are not only functional and practical but that also fit into the aesthetic of our homes and lifestyles. Finding food prep, serving and storage options that meet all of these needs can be daunting with so many options now available. Fortunately, Aegi has the solution.

Children’s Dishware Compared


Plastic storage containers and dishes have been popular for decades because they are convenient and inexpensive. Their popularity is waning these days, however, because research has uncovered several concerns with the material. While most plastic children’s dishes no longer contain BPA, many plastics, including BPA-free plastics, contain other chemical plasticizers, which are added to make the containers more flexible. Unfortunately, many plasticizers behave similarly to BPA, which means that they could cause many of the same health issues. In particular, heated plastic or plastic with scratches can leach these chemicals. 
Although plastic is inexpensive and convenient,  it can't be used in the over, and due to leaching concerns, should generally not be used in the microwave oven. Heat will melt plastic and cause more harmful chemicals to be released Plastic also stains easily if you use it for fatty, greasy, or red-based foods. Stained, worn-looking children's dishware isn't a good look for any home. Plastics also biodegrade at an incredibly slow rate, so your child’s dinnerware will be in a landfill for centuries after your child has grown.


Bamboo is a definite step up from plastics; it consistently outperforms plastic for safety and durability. It is far more sustainable than plastic because it is a grass that proliferates and grows rapidly. It is also biodegradable, lightweight and attractive if you like the texture of natural bamboo. 
On the flip side, bamboo is not easy-care or convenient. Bamboo dishware should be washed – generally by hand – immediately after use and should not be soaked in water or exposed to high heat which may cause the bamboo to swell and crack. Bamboo may also require some maintenance.  For example, to prevent bamboo from deteriorating, some manufacturers recommend that bamboo dishware be periodically treated with mineral oil or mineral oil with beeswax. Also, bamboo is breakable. While it won’t shatter like glass, if it is dropped onto a hard surface, it may chip or crack.
You’ll also want to take a close look at what the bamboo dishware is made of, including whether the bamboo is organic. Bamboo dishware is made with resins or composites to bind the bamboo and make it durable, so look carefully at the safety of these materials and whether they limit how the product may be used. For example, these resins and composites may be susceptible to molecular changes when exposed to high temperatures. In any case, bamboo should not be used to cook or heat food because it will burn, warp or crack, limiting it to tabletop serving only.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is also a safe and sustainable alternative.  Steel’s main limitation, however, is that like all metal products, it cannot be used in the microwave oven.  This limits its convenience for daily use.

Our Silicone Alternative

child eating fruit from silicone container

At Aegi New York, we make platinum silicone children’s dishware that is safe, durable, sustainable and beautiful.

Silicone dishware is the only product that checks every box in terms of safety and functionality.  It is freezer, microwave oven, oven, and dishwasher safe without giving off harmful fumes, leaching chemicals, cracking or breaking during use It is naturally non-stick, and our silicone products can be used in ovens up to 425 degrees. Silicone is also boil-safe, which means our silicone can be disinfected by boiling. Whether you want to freeze pre-prepared meals, reheat leftovers, bake muffins, or sterilize, silicone is up to the task.

Unlike plastic, silicone is an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative because it does not leach chemicals into food or soil.  Our silicone products are made of platinum silicone (also called platinum-cured silicone) which is very pure because it is not processed using peroxide catalysts, which may leave impurities.  Unlike plastic, platinum silicone does not need plasticizers to stabilize or make it flexible, and it contains no bisphenols, PVC, or phthalates. This makes silicone the ideal option to prepare, store, and serve food. Finally, silicone is easy to recycle, and is more durable than plastic and bamboo products, minimizing its effect on the environment.

For Today’s Modern Family

Most high quality children’s dishware today is safe and meets basic functional needs, and there are many options to choose from, but you’ll rarely find an option that meets all of your criteria. Our collection offers a sophisticated alternative to products that cause health or environmental concerns, are high maintenance, or are simply unattractive.

Parents today want children’s dishware that goes beyond basic safety and functionality. They want stylish dishware they can use proudly, and that will blend seamlessly with their aesthetic and lifestyle. They aren't looking for cartoon characters, neon colors, or outdated designs. At Aegi you'll discover children’s dishware that features sleek lines, intuitive design, and contemporary colors that create a soothing aesthetic that coordinates beautifully with today's modern home.

Isn't it time your child graduated to dishware that reflects your sense of style?