I love how versatile and functional the Aegi collection is!  I've used every piece I own for multiple purposes - from baking in the oven, straight to the dinner table - amazing!  - Dian T.

Not only are the products safe and sustainable, but I haven’t seen anything close to as beautifully designed.  Thank you for keeping the design conscious in mind and making children’s lifestyle products that are top notch in both form and function.  - S.Y.

My daughters love their Aegi plates because, like many other toddlers, they strongly believe that different foods should not touch.  Plus, the plates prevent our younger one from picking them up and turning them upside down on the floor.  - Vivian L.

I can't tell you how many times our son has spilled his soup all over our table and chairs.  The suction on the bowls eliminates this problem completely, and you can easily lift or adjust the placement by lifting a small tab.  As far as the design goes, it speaks for itself.  I love that Aegi products are equal parts function and aesthetics!  - Stella L.


Aegi's plates and bowls are very sturdy, functional, and are a breeze to clean.  I love the design and colors too.  The plates are work well even for my 5 and 7-year-old kids.  You'll use these products for years.  - Sungmee C.


This plate has a strong suction base (you won't ever see a plate fly across the kitchen again), it's durable, and has smooth edges for safe handling and easy cleaning.  - Nancy C.


Count me in for plates and bowls that don't fly across the room

I like using products for multiple purposes


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